Northeast blizzard affects Colorado residents and businesses

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By Hendrik Sybrandy

DENVER -- From businesses to local residents who have family in New England, the impact of the massive storm in the Northeast is being felt here in Colorado.

Seattle Fish Company, which gets one-fifth of its seafood from the Northeast, had to speed up its deliveries this week to ensure it had adequate product.

"It's very difficult to do it more than a day (ahead) because of the perishability of the product but we were able to harvest early, take the fish that was on the market and available and start that moving towards Denver, towards Colorado early," said Derek Figueroa, Seattle Fish Company C.O.O.

Figueroa said he'll be concerned if the storm lingers through the weekend. That could hurt the supply of lobsters which are a staple on Valentine's Day.

"You think of Colorado as being sort of landlocked but a storm on the East Coast has big effects on our business," he said.

Meghan Laporte has more personal concerns. The manager of the Paramount Cafe was working Friday night while her entire family was housebound and preparing for power outages in Massachusetts.

"I was outside today in my backyard and I was taking pictures of myself, 50's and sunny, and sending them all to people back home," Laporte said.

"It's going to be wicked, a wicked storm, a Nor'easter," she added. "That's what we call it. Yeah, I'm bummed I'm missing it."