New DIA system could cut down delays and ticket prices

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Ground traffic control can get complicated, but DIA has a new system that will make life easier for ramp tower controllers and travelers.

For years, ramp tower controllers, could only monitor what was happening on the ground by looking from the tower or by talking to the pilot.

But the new Aerobahn system is like a radar, and shows controllers where plane is on a computer screen, giving them a bird's eye view of the ground, showing where the plane's location is.

Controllers will still have to communicate with pilots and identify a location by looking from the tower, but this new system will help speed things up, because they can figure out their location much faster.

This means travelers could save some time.

“For de-ice and thunderstorms, we’ve found that we can save from 2.5 to 10 minutes," Ramp Tower Manger Kieth Mays.

And cutting delays, cuts costs.

“To an airline where each second averages 69 cents of cost – that adds up very quick," said Mays.

Now the airlines would have to decide if they would reduce ticket prices, but DIA says the Aerobahn system will undoubtedly cut down delays and costs. It will also help with airport security and data keeping.