Man convicted of fraud in barn building business while serving jail time

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Arthur Radebaugh

GREELEY, Colo. — A jury convicted a man Wednesday of scamming people in a pole barn business… while he served time in jail.

Arthur Radebaugh, 39, operated the company BNA Agri Consulting while serving time at a community corrections program in Larimer County that allowed him to work during the day.

However, he was expressly forbidden to operate a business during his sentence.

Investigators say he contracted with seniors and other victims to construct pole barns. A pole barn is one that uses poles as the main support structure for the outer walls and roof.

During the course of construction from January to September 2011, Radebaugh failed to get the proper building permits, he inflated the price of materials clients paid, he failed to deliver materials and unfinished work sites were abandoned.

The Weld County District Attorney’s Office says Radebaugh defrauded clients out of more than $16,000.

The jury convicted him on the following charges:

— One count of theft of $500 or more from an at-risk adult, a class-three felony
— Three counts of theft, $1,000-$20,000, class-four felonies
— Two counts of theft, $500-$1,000, class-one misdemeanors
— One count of theft less than $500, a class-two misdemeanor

Radebaugh has an extensive criminal history. District Attorney Ken Buck is working to have him designated a habitual criminal. If a judge agrees, the court in this case would be required to sentence him to four times the maximum penalty for each conviction.

A hearing on the habitual criminal issue hasn’t been scheduled yet.