Boulder officers charged with shooting popular elk resign

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Two Boulder Police officers who are facing criminal charges after shooting an elk January 1st, have now resigned from the police department.

Investigators allege that Sam Carter and Brent Curnow conspired to kill the elk that was roaming a Boulder neighborhood for meat and trophy.

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner briefed the city council Tuesday night, letting them know that other officers are embarrassed by all of this.

"They're embarrassed. They are angry. There is nobody in our department supporting these officers right now," Beckner said. He told the group the issue is being handled. 

"They are no longer employed, so the process is working," he said. 

Photos show Officer Carter posing over the elk moments after he shot it. He claims he killed the animal because it was injured, but multiple neighbors and a necropsy refuted that.

Investigators say text messages between the officers point to a premeditated plan. They are now facing multiple charges including unlawful taking of an elk, and conspiracy, and if convicted, could face time behind bars.

Residents say they still can't believe this happened in their neighborhood. Some had hoped for additional charges, but they are glad the officers are no longer patrolling their streets.

"It's a relief that they are no longer there," said Rita Anderson.