Over 300 menus go live for Denver Restaurant Week

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DENVER — Menus for the largest restaurant week in the country went live at 9 a.m. Wednesday, when over 300 restaurants announced what they will be serving for Denver Restaurant Week.

The dining event runs from Feb. 23 to Mar. 8, with the involved restaurants in the Denver metro area set to offer multi-course dinners for $26.40 per person or $52.80 for couples.

The event achieved its size status a year ago, when 339 restaurants participated in the two-week affair. More than 300 restaurants have signed up to participate in 2013, and Richard Scharf, president and CEO of Visit Denver, the owner and organizer of the event, said more restaurants will be added daily leading up to Feb. 23.

Click here to access the menus, which can be sorted by neighborhood and cuisine. You can also make reservations with the participating restaurants on the site.

“Planning is an important part of restaurant week,” Scharf said. “Certainly, some restaurants will fill up early at prime dining times, but there are many off-peak dining times in the two week period that remain available, and of course, we encourage diners to experiment and try new restaurants.”

Sharing your experience with your friends will also be a part of Restaurant Week in 2013. A new feature on the event’s website will allow you to do that by sharing your “Must-Dine” lists with your friends on Facebook.