Loveland police search for suspects who tried to kidnap 11-year-old girl

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Monroe Elementary School, Loveland, Colo. Photo: Thompson School District

LOVELAND, Colo. — Police in Loveland are investigating the attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl while she walked to school Monday.

The 5th grader told staff at Monroe Elementary School and then police officers that she was on her way to school when an older model, red passenger van pulled up next to her.

She described the occupants as two “older” white men, the driver wore a pony tail.

She told officers the rear passenger door of the van opened and one of the men told her to get in. She ran from the van and toward the school. When she arrived at school, she says she saw the van head northbound on Madrone Dr. next to Silver Lake Park.

There was no other description of the suspects other than information about a bumper sticker on the van. The girl says it read, “Save a dog, eat a Korean.”

Detectives ask for the public’s help in finding the van and the two men. Anyone with information can call the Loveland Police Emergency Communications Center 970-962-2151.