Horse meat found in burgers in major Irish supermarkets

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LONDON — A food safety watchdog in Ireland announced Tuesday it found traces of horse and pig DNA in burger products sold by some of the country’s biggest supermarkets.

It includes burger sold by global retailer Tesco that authorities said was made of about 30 percent horse meat according to a report by the Associated Press.

Ireland’s agriculture minister said one meat processor was to blame for the horse meat.

It’s not clear if the problem resulted from a mistake or from someone behaving recklessly.


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U.K.-based Tesco apologized for the find of horse meat and said it was pulling Tesco-brand burgers from stores in Britain and Ireland as a precaution.

The AP reports says Tesco is the world’s fourth largest food retailer, known in the United States under its Fresh & Easy brand.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland said Tuesday it had found traces of pig DNA in 85 percent of the burger products it tested in Irish supermarkets.

The discoveries are not considered health threats, but it’s especially unsettling to find horse meat in burger products since it’s not in Ireland’s culture to eat horse meat.

There is also concern the news could harm Ireland’s meat exports, which are big business for the country.