Boulder police chief addresses residents angered by elk killing

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BOULDER -- Police Chief Mark Beckner addressed community outrage over the killing of a popular elk in a meeting with residents Monday.

He told the hundred or so who gathered, he too, is mad about what his officers have admitted to—using a department issued shotgun to kill a big bull elk, failing to report the killing, shooting or hauling off of the elk for meat, and failing to call the Division of Wildlife and Parks about the planned killing.

“Of course I am concerned,” said Beckner. “That is why we are here, that’s why we have two investigations going on and why we want to talk with anyone who has information about his [the elk’s] condition and whereabouts before the shooting.”

A representative from Parks and Wildlife was on hand from Ft. Collins, which is where scientists are going over the remains of the big bull elk called both Big Boy and the Mapleton Elk.

The chief didn’t say if the rack and head had been turned over to experts, but because the police posed ‘trophy style’ with the dead elk, the public wants to make sure Big Boy is not on anyone’s wall.

Neighbors have the same questions the Chief raised. Hopefully the answers will come when Parks and Wildlife and the Boulder Police Department complete their investigations.