Starbucks unveils $1 reusable cup to cut waste

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Starbucks resusable cup. Photo: Starbucks Corp.

Starbucks wants you to kick the habit of using throw away paper cups.

Starting Thursday the Seattle-based coffee chain will start selling reusable plastic cups for $1 to cut down on the waste.

The reusable cups have the Starbucks logo on them, just like the paper version.

There is an incentive to use the new cups. The chain will give a 10-cent discount on drinks to people who bring their reusable cups, so it will pay for itself in 10 visits. The dime discount is something the company has offered to customers who bring multi-use tumblers since 1985.

Baristas will clean the reusable cup with a boiling-water rinse before each refill.

Starbucks has always sold more expensive reusable cups, but it hopes the more affordable $1 price will prompt more dramatic change.

The new cups also come marked with lines for “tall” or “grande” sizes.