Broncos fans already looking forward to next win

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DENVER -- Fans are drumming up even more excitement for the Broncos after their blowout 38-3 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

"We put this one away and it put us in good standing with the playoffs for sure," said Broncos fan Andy Dawson.

Although the temperatures lingered in the 30's, thousands came out to Sports Authority Field at Mile High bundled up in their orange and blue.

"We're all layered up," Gerry Valdez said.

Even the luck of the Irish were doing a jig for the Broncos, while hoping for the team’s 11th win in a row.

"Thirty years I have been leading the cheers at Broncos games and wanting to get all the Broncos fans pumped up and excited and making noise like the old days!" said loyal Broncos fan Rocky Mountain Leprechaun.

Of course there are always extreme fans at the game dressed from head to toe in Broncos memorabilia.

"We're going to spank them Chiefs! Spank them good, and send them back to KC whining," said a man who called himself the Bronconator, who also wore a player's edition Super Bowl ring. "This is what we play the game for, the super bowl ring."

And many believe the Broncos have a chance to win that ring this year. Some fans are already making plans to go to the Super Bowl.

"I have already checked out the flights to New Orleans. I'm hoping I can afford to go because it looks like it will be expensive," Valdez said.