Denver police officer helps family have merry Christmas

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DENVER -- At the tender age of nine, J.D. Martinez spent Christmas day trying to erase some painful memories.  Last Tuesday he lost his mother. J.d.'s grandfather, Teodoro Martinez lost his only daughter. 

“I miss my daughter. I can`t express how much I miss her,” he said.

The tears in the Martinez family come often. At 44-years-old the death was unexpected.

“Got out to let the dogs out at 430 in the morning before I went to work and found her face down on the porch,” said Martinez.

The death has made a difficult year a costly one also. There will be her funeral costs on top of medical bills from Teodoro’s wife’s April cancer diagnosis.  J.D. doesn't think about how all of those expenses added-up making his new coloring pad one of his only Christmas gifts until some elves dressed in blue walked in on Sunday with arms full of Christmas gifts.

“It was so heartwarming to have everyone pitch inn and not even ask .  They just did,” said Denver Police officer Gail Lindley.

When she heard about J.D.’s story she took up a collection from fellow officers. 
Walmart donated all of the gifts and so the officers gave the money directly to J.D.’s family.

The presents, a bike, nerf ball and legos all helped J.D. forget about his pain even for a few minutes.

“I`m going to miss her very much,” J.D. said.