The rat angel and other ornament stories

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  • Christina Zdanowicz's ornaments made from the office supplies at her dad's office. Zdanowicz says this jolly Santa was her best creation has been on the tree ever since she was 10. Zdanowicz is a CNN iReport producer.

  • Tom Burton's ornament from when her daughter was in kindergarten. It has hung on the family Christmas tree every year since. She's now 25 and teaches kindergarten.

  • Penelope Ann Treat's class project in 5th or 6th grade to make ornaments from hollowed eggs. She wrote all the names of her family members and also "Our Family" on the eggs.

  • Maria Datcu's Christmas tree topper she made for her and her boyfriend's first Christmas tree. It was made from the music sheets that her boyfriend used when he was young.

  • From Anne Kletzker: My grandfather took our Popsicle sticks each summer and made the grandchildren sled ornaments each

  • CNN Senior Director for Social News, Lilia King's Christmas tree angel is a rat. King says her first apartment had a rodent problem, and she thought maybe a felted patron saint would protect her family.

Every Christmas tree ornament has a story to tell.

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