Video: Golden Eagle snatches baby … but is it fake?

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UPDATE: Design school says video was part of 3D animation class project.

MONTREAL — There’s no way that just happened. Is there?

That’s the question viewers are asking after a video claiming to show a Golden Eagle snatching a baby in Montreal, Canada went viral Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, there are far more doubters than there are believers. 

The video appears to catch an amazing slow motion shot of the Golden Eagle spreading its vast wingspan, swooping in and lifting a toddler off the ground. The eagle drops the youngster only after coming to a realization that the human is too heavy to lift.

Still in shock, the toddler is seen crying after the attempted liftoff.

According to one commentator who posted beneath the video on YouTube, the footage could have easily been faked.

“I’ve been working with digital images professionally for 15 years,” the poster wrote. “And I’m convinced this is fake. The swoop down at 0:10 looks just like cheap CGI to me.”

But that hasn’t stopped the video from gaining 1.2 million views and over 23,296 likes in less than 24 hours.

What do you think?