3 arrested after police find explosives in car trunk

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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Inside the jail’s courtroom Thursday, a judge told Dana Sacoman, Jessica Radford and Bernardo Rodriguez they will be charged with serious crimes.

Outside, their family supported them. “I support her. I know she’s not the person they think she is because she’s not,” said Brenda Martinez, Rodriguez’s aunt.

“(Radford) was just at the wrong place at the wrong time because the other person that was with her is not a bad person either, he’s my nephew,” she said.

Wednesday, during the busy Longmont rush hour, police stopped the boyfriend and girlfriend’s silver Dodge Stratus. Inside the trunk, police found two hand grenades.

Dressed in full protective gear, Longmont’s bomb team used a robot to handle the potentially dangerous situation.

A few blocks away, the news sent a man running to his shed where he found his two grenades missing.

He called police to tell them one of the grenades was inert, the other contained a live agent.

Jessica’s family tells me those grenades were given to her. She had no idea they were stolen.

Police don’t believe them.

They stopped the Stratus after they left a home a few blocks away. There, police arrested Dana Sacoman as a suspect in several recent burglaries, though it is unclear whether he is responsible for what police found in Radford’s trunk.

Police tested the grenades Thursday and determined one was inert. The other was a smoke grenade.

Rodriguez and Radford were charged with possession of an incendiary device and receipt of stolen property. Sacoman was charged with burglary.