Lakewood girl memorializes slain prairie dogs, protests extermination

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Some neighbors are glad they’re gone, but an 11-year-old Lakewood girl held a vigil for dozens of prairie dogs killed by the city on Sunday.

Cymbre Smith laid down crosses to remember the little critters.

She says her family would always watch the prairie dogs roam the open space in her neighborhood. Then last week, Cymbre noticed they were all gone.

Her family called the city of Lakewood, and they found out the prairie dogs were killed because of neighbor complaints.

“It’s a really horrible thing,” Cymbre said. “They used to hug each other and play with each other. We would watch the babies grow up. It’s just so sad.”

Cymbre plans to attend city council Monday to protest the killings. She says she's going to fight to save the rest of the prairie dogs in the area.

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