Police find vehicle that killed Denver woman, still searching for driver

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Police investigate fatal hit-and-run near Leetsdale Dr. and Mississippi Ave. in Denver. Dec. 6, 2012

DENVER — A woman was hit and killed while crossing a busy street in Denver Thursday night. Despite finding the vehicle involved in the crash, police were still searching for the driver who hit her Friday morning.

Witnesses say the woman hit and killed was crossing from a bus stop near where Leetsdale Dr. turns into Parker Rd. in the vicinity of E. Mississippi Ave. at about 6:10 p.m.

They say a gray-colored 2002 Buick SUV hit her. Police say there was heavy traffic and witnesses told them the driver was weaving around traffic and was in the turn lane when the victim was hit.

The vehicle then continued heading east on Parker Rd.

Police discovered that vehicle shortly after midnight Friday morning at an apartment complex near the scene of the accident.

The vehicle was impounded, but police said it has not gotten them any closer to identifying a suspect as of Friday morning.