Police searching for serial rapist in Aurora neighborhood

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AURORA, Colo. -- Georgia Belo and her family lugged their possessions into their new apartment on this Sunday evening. They signed their lease on Friday.

Unfortunately for the family and their new Aurora neighbors, there’s a sexual predator on the loose. Police say the suspect has sexually assaulted two women and attempted to assault a third in an area near South Chambers Road and East Exposition Avenue.

“I saw a note on our door from the police department saying there was a serial rapist,” Belo said. “It was pretty scary.”

Police are putting everyone on notice at apartment complexes near Chambers and Exposition. This is a time to lock doors and windows, they say.

During all three assaults, a man busted through windows and attacked women who were sleeping. In the last case on Nov. 30, the victim screamed and the suspect took off running.

Police say they have a limited description of the suspect and are telling women to be very careful between midnight and 6 a.m.

"We believe the same individual is responsible for all three (assaults),” Aurora police spokesperson Frank Fania said. “He’s motivated to get into these locked residences.”

People in the area are understandably on edge.

Already some residents have turned on their patio lights and better-secured their apartments, which police say is a good thing.

"Lock your windows and doors; turn on your lights,” Fania said. “Look out for your neighbor and look out for each other. Three is way too many in ours or any community.”

Until police are able to track the suspect down, Belo will make sure her sliding door has a two-by-four in it and keep her new place locked at night.

"If he did it three times and got away with it, he might be back,” Belo said.