Father says he cannot afford to see son in hospital who was hit by semi

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DENVER -- As a single father, Tim Thomas has been there to celebrate his son Tommy’s birthday every year.  He’s cheered every soccer game and cherished every school picture. 

But a new picture, taken of his 14 year old son at Children’s Hospital in Aurora breaks his heart. 

His son is in what Thomas called a “vegetative state,” ever since an October 6 collision with a semi truck.  It happened while the boy was riding bikes with a friend in the family’s hometown of Olathe. 

At first, Tommy was treated at a hospital on the Western Slope.  But on November 20 he was transferred to a hospital in Aurora. 

Doctors can’t say how long he will be there, but today was the first time Thomas was able to make the trip to see his son.

He has a part-time job and another son to take care of.  He says his vehicle is not able to make the six-hour trip through the mountains and he does not have enough money to keep paying for the gas.

Thomas said his employer and others in his community have been so generous, it brings tears to his eyes.  But he says he is determined to be by his son’s side as much as possible. 

“It helps Tommy if I’m here, just holding his hand,” Thomas said.

He tells a story about how they came up with the code phrase, “the moon is blue”  for Tommy to say when he got too embarrassed to say “I love you” in public.  Thomas says if he could hear his son say “The moon is blue” one more time, he would be  a happy man.

His son has a serious brain injury and doctors are not able to say when or how much he might recover.  But the family is looking at years of rehab.

A fund has been set up for them at the Bank of Colorado under the name Thomas Jordan Thomas.