Woman says suspect in theft of Tim Allen’s car stalked, sexually abused her

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DENVER – A Denver woman says the man accused of stealing Comedian Tim Allen’s car stalked and sexually abused her.

The woman told FOX31 Denver in an exclusive interview that she wants the man off the streets for good. She’s asking the TV and movie star for help doing that.

Faustino Ibarra is in jail in Denver. He’s suspected of taking Tim Allen’s prized 1996 Chevrolet Impala and driving it from Los Angeles to Denver.

People who know Ibarra say his obsession with Allen goes back a long way.

Reporter Justin Joseph spoke with Ibarra inside Denver’s jail. The suspect will likely face charges related to stalking the actor and stealing his car on Thanksgiving.

“He left the keys so that I could get the car and drive it Denver,” Ibarra says.

The special car turned up Friday outside Ibarra’s home in Denver.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be identified, came forward and says Ibarra stalked her. “He sexually abused me for a very long time.”

“He’s insane. I don`t know how to explain it except that he’s very crazy and needs to be removed from society where he’s a threat,” she says.

The stalking stopped years ago after she says Ibarra moved to Los Angeles where he lived in his car near the Hollywood sign.

Though he remembers differently, witnesses say he set up home just outside Allen’s gates.

“He took me in as his own pretty much… especially at the start of his career,” Ibarra claims.

We asked Ibarra’s family about a call from Allen’s security team, demanding they bring him home. “He’s not dangerous, he’s just crazy,” one of them told us.

But the woman FOX31 Denver spoke to says Ibarra is both dangerous and crazy. She’s pleading with Tim Allen to press charges against the suspect.

“I want to beg and plead with Mr. Allen to not give him a chance to come out again and harm me and stalk me and give him that chance for me to fear for my life.”

Tim Allen’s publicist says she can’t comment on the situation because it’s an ongoing investigation.

The Denver District Attorney’s office says Ibarra will be extradited to California to face charges.