Family of murdered woman protest at police station, State Capitol

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DENVER -- About 20 friends and family members of Loretta Barela protested Friday outside Denver Police District Four and the State Capitol.

They are demanding answers as to why Denver Police failed to respond to 911 calls reporting Barela was the victim of a vicious domestic violence attack.

Barela’s body was discovered in her home early Sunday morning, after police say her husband, 41 year old Christopher Perea called 911 to say he “thought” he might have killed his wife. 

A neighbor says she called 911 about 2 a.m., after Barela pounded on her door pleading for help.

She says she told dispatchers Barela’s husband was beating her as he dragged her back to the house.  She says police never came, and she called again about 40 minutes later.

But, she says it was not until 3:10 a.m. the officers finally came to the house.  The neighbor says they left after no one answered the door.

Barela’s body was found five hours later.

Her family and friends say if police and dispatchers had done their jobs, Barela would be alive today and they want to know what went wrong.

They complain police are not giving them any information.

Denver Police Chief Robert White earlier said he was some concerns about the way the incident was handled and has launched an internal investigation. A dispatcher has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Denver City Councilmember Albus Brooks says he is also concerned about the situation and has asked the police to make a full report to Council when the investigation is complete.

Barela’s husband is in jail for investigation of murder.