Campaign workers claimed they didn’t receive money they were promised

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DENVER — On Saturday, Fox 31 Denver received a statement from Dustin Chase, who disputed campaign workers’ accounts that they were never paid after this year’s Joe Coors congressional campaign.

Chase said he owns the company responsible for payment of the workers, not Jake Zambrano or High Point Public Affairs.

Chase said the workers have now all been paid. 

Chase also denies any of the worker’s checks bounced. He said his company’s account was put on “temporary hold” due to an increase in activity. Chase said all workers were paid in accordance with Colorado law. 

The campaign workers were hired to distribute leaflets and knock on doors for the Joe Coors congressional campaign. The workers were told they would make a little more than $100 a day.

Workers said when the campaign ended, they were never paid.

“When those $100 checks didn’t come through, we ended up having to move,” campaign worker Natalie Shockey said. “And now we’re bouncing around from house to house.”

The campaign workers aren’t blaming Coors, and said they came forward just in case workers from other campaigns found themselves in similar situations.