Broncos attempt season-sweep of San Diego Chargers Sunday

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Ronnie Hillman will get more chances if Willis McGahee can't solve his fumbling issues (Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE )

Bleacher Report (Jeremy Brevard/US PRESSWIRE )

(Bleacher Report) — With a win on Sunday the Denver Broncos can basically win the AFC West. The San Diego Chargers would be three games back, but the Broncos would also hold the tiebreaker with six games to play. If the Broncos win, the only way they could lose the division is if they won two or fewer of the final six games and the Chargers won all six. Not impossible, but extremely improbable.

Alternatively, if the Chargers manage to win the game they would be just one game back and still in the AFC West race. The Broncos are still in the driver’s seat, but a win this week would almost assuredly mean they would go to the playoffs as AFC West champions.

The Broncos have to protect against a typical Chargers surge in November. Every year about this time the Chargers get on a roll, and the Broncos can’t let that happen. The Broncos have the unique opportunity to make any Chargers’ run irrelevant to the division race with a win, but lose and they might be in for a fight.

The Broncos should come away with a victory if they take care of the football, let Peyton Manning do his thing and make more big plays on defense than San Diego does on offense.

The Broncos are playing good football, but they played a terrible half of football in San Diego before pulling things together and coming from down 24 to win in Week 6. The problem in that game: fumbles. Ball security has been an issue for the Broncos, and they can’t rely on Philip Rivers to aide a comeback attempt in Week 11.

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