Fans excited, vigilant at first big midnight movie premiere since Aurora shootings

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DENVER -- A lot has changed in securing Colorado’s theaters. But what has changed, the public may never know.

FOX31 Denver reached out to several movie theater chains, and all of them declined to discuss whether they changed policies after the Aurora theater shooting. 

The changes come in anticipation of what may be the most anticipated midnight movie premier in years Thursday night. It's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2."

“I’m so excited … oh my gosh … I’m so excited,” said Arianna Trinidad. She was at the front of the line at the United Artists theater on Colorado Blvd. “I got here at 2 o’clock.”

Fans admit after the Aurora theater shooting, midnight showings now feature more than just a movie.

“It is in the back of my mind that it did happen but I don’t think it will happen again and I’m not scared at all,” said Trinidad.

In the line for the midnight showing, you will no longer find masks or play weapons.

Not since four months ago, when police say James Holmes went unnoticed walking into the midnight Batman showing with his hair dyed red and armed with rifles.

For security reasons, theaters refuse to discuss if they’ve changed their procedures, whether it’s securing emergency exit doors, or adding more police.

Aurora police say theaters did request their officers at the midnight showing, but they declined to say how many or where.

Fans appreciate the caution, even though most weren’t concerned

“I’m not going to let any crazy person keep me from doing what I want to do,” said one fan.

Experts say even people not there that night may still feel post-traumatic anxiety years later.

“You may not have a response right now. It may be six years down the road before something triggers,” said author Carolyn L. Mears who wrote the book Reclaiming School in the Aftermath of Tragedy.