Domestic Dish: Need holiday plane tickets? Buy them now

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Are you going out of town for the holidays? Experts say if you haven't booked your tickets, now's the time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of airline tickets sold for Christmas and New Year's is already up more than 50 percent from where it was a year ago, and prices for airfare and hotel rooms at peak holiday periods, including Thanksgiving, are up sharply.

According to the report, this is due to the fact that Christmas and New Year's both fall on Tuesdays this year. That stretches the holiday period to at least 11 days, making it easier for families to travel farther and stay longer.

New York is the top destination for U.S. travelers for Thanksgiving, with many hotels and airlines saying Superstorm Sandy has not deterred will-be travelers in the slightest.

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