Colorado marijuana law: How to talk to kids about the change

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Here’s what 15-year-old Eryn Fitzgerald has to say about Colorado’s new marijuana law. "It’s kind of confusing because now they’re making it legal.”

And she’s not the only one with questions.

Family Counselor, Dr. Larry Curry says, “If you don’t talk to your sons and daughters about it, someone else will.  And someone else will make it available for them.”

Curry advises parents to talk to their kids about the marijuana law, even if it’s a difficult topic to bring up.

How to talk to kids about Colorado legalizing marijuana

He says start by explaining to them that marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  And it is still very unclear as to how Colorado’s law is going to work.

He says, “Parents really need to spend some time researching this and follow how this unfolds because it will impact their children.” He agrees with law enforcement officials who consider marijuana a gateway drug.

Curry says, “It’s too risky to say it’s perfectly okay, there are no problems, there are no consequences.  We know for some people there will be consequences.”

And for those parents who will take advantage of the new marijuana law, Curry warns that second hand smoke is a very real danger for children.