Unaffiliated voters to decide Colorado

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DENVER — Updated early voting numbers from Colorado’s Secretary of State Tuesday reconfirm that the state’s large bloc of unaffiliated voters will, as usual, determine which presidential candidate wins the state’s nine electoral votes.

Republicans continue to narrowly lead Democrats in the overall numbers of ballots received by county clerks across the state.

More than half of the state’s registered voters –1,943,630 Coloradans — have already cast ballots ahead of Election Day Tuesday; and those voting in person are finding long lines in many places.

Of those, 698,620 ballots have been cast by registered Republicans, amounting to 35.9 percent of the total so far.

Democrats, meanwhile, have sent back 663,282 ballots, or 34.1 percent overall.

The GOP’s lead, down to 1.8 percent, mirrors the party’s 1.8 percent voter registration advantage statewide.

Unaffiliated voters have returned 560,512 ballots — 28.8 percent overall.

Republicans are also outpacing Democrats in the state’s three biggest bellwether counties: Jefferson, Arapahoe and Larimer.

Republicans are holding almost a three percent lead, or 6,634 ballots,  in Jefferson County; and by more than five percent, or 8,011 ballots, in Larimer County.

But in Arapahoe County, the Republican’s early voting edge is just 225 votes, a possible sign that President Obama, and Democratic congressional candidate Joe Miklosi, may do better than anticipated in the southeast metro suburbs.