Over 100 flights canceled at DIA because of eastern U.S. superstorm

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DENVER -- Hundreds of passengers are stranded at Denver International Airport as a result of all of the flight cancellations to the east coast.

"Unfortunately my flight was cancelled until Tuesday," said Boston-bound traveler Ogechi Ememreum.

A spokesperson for Denver International Airport says there are about 30 more planes than normal parked at DIA overnight Monday.

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc on air travel across the country. Airports near the storm's path, including major airline hubs in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. forced cancellations that will extend into Tuesday.

"They gave us a phone call telling us our flight was cancelled, but told us we had to rebook or stay," said one stranded passenger trying to fly to Philadelphia.

Passengers concerned about their flights or arriving friends and family are encouraged to check with individual airlines before heading to the airport.

Most airlines are waiving one-time change fees for passengers looking to rebook their travel. Many of the cities below are expected to be impacted by the storm, and are eligible for penalty free changes:

• District of Columbia (DC)
• Delaware (DE)
• Maryland (MD)
• North Carolina (NC)
• New Jersey (NJ)
• New York (NY)
• South Carolina (SC)
• Virginia (VA)
• Massachusetts (MA)
• West Virginia (WV)
• Pennsylvania (PA)
• Connecticut (CT)
• Vermont (VT)
• New Hampshire (NH)
• Rhode Island (RI)
• Maine (ME)

Visit www.flydenver.com to check flight cancellations before heading to the airport.