Authorities reassure nervous neighbors after house explosion

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- In a neighborhood meeting in Castle Rock Wednesday night, Fire Chief Art Morales shared the cause of a house explosion with almost 150 residents in that area.

Morales says, "We are 100 percent sure this was caused by natural gas."

 It turns out there was a leak in a room with the furnace and water heater at 6942 Sulpher Lane. One of the appliances caused a spark on October 12 and the incredibly powerful explosion obliterated the house.

Morales called it a miracle everyone survived.

Morales says, "We don't know which one of those appliances this was, we just know that that's the point of origin."

The investigation is now in the hands of the insurance companies. Several natural gas lines have been tested and approved for use since the explosion. There were no leaks found outside the home.

Both Morales and a representative from Black Hills Energy spoke encouraging home owners to get any natural gas appliances checked annually.

They also discussed what to do if you smell the rotten egg-like odor of natural gas. Morales told the crowd not to open any windows, just leave the house immediately and call 911.

Residents concerned after the explosion say the meeting was reassuring. Roy Yehle lives three blocks from the explosion and says, "I think it's good to talk and communicate and not leave people in the dark."

The mother and her four children inside the home at the time of the explosion are expected to be okay.

Firefighters even found one of the family's cats crawling through the rubble Tuesday night.