ARG Poll: Romney up 50-46 on Obama in Colorado

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DENVER — Republican Mitt Romney has opened up a four-point lead over President Barack Obama in Colorado, according to a poll from American Research Group released Tuesday.

The survey of likely voters, more evidence of a big bump for Romney following last week’s debate, has Romney tracking at 50 percent and Obama at 46 percent.

That’s a six-point swing from the last ARG poll, which had Obama ahead by two points prior to the debate.

Of self-identified independents polled, 48 percent support Obama and 47 percent support Romney. Interestingly, following the debate, 9 percent of Democrats said they’ll vote for Romney and 87 percent of them will vote for Obama; Republicans, by comparison, are staying home, with 94 percent of them ready to vote for Romney.

The ARG poll erased Obama’s long-standing advantage in the RCP average of Colorado polls, which is now deadlocked at 47 percent for both candidates.

It comes on the heels of a poll released Sunday by the University of Denver that showed Obama clinging to a 47-43 percent lead over Romney among likely voters.

ARG Tuesday also released a survey of likely voters in Ohio that showed Obama behind in Ohio, a state where he’d held such a large lead prior to the debate that Romney advisers were considering how to win the White House without winning the Buckeye State, something no Republican has ever done before.

The ARG poll has Romney ahead of Obama in Ohio by a slim 48-47 percent margin.

A CNN/ORG poll of Ohio, also released Tuesday, had Obama leading Romney 51-47 percent.

Both Romney and Obama campaigned Tuesday in Ohio.

If Obama can hold on and win the state’s 18 electoral votes, he’d force Romney to win Colorado and every other swing state on the map in order to surpass the 270 electoral vote threshold and win the White House.