Loveland homeowner calls hanging empty chair political statement, others call it hate speech

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- There have been a gluttony of responses to Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention speech that saw the famed actor and filmmaker talking to an empty chair as if it was President Obama. Many have gone viral.

While some have been playful, a new response has taken a turn for the controversial. It all started when a few people around the country began using empty chairs as campaign signs on their front lawns. But it's the way these chairs are being displayed that has been upsetting to many passersby.

#Eastwooding: Another trend following Eastwood's speech saw users posting ironic empty chair photos to Twitter

And now a local resident has gotten in on this new trend.

Loveland homeowner Dennis Jacobsen calls the empty lawn chair hanging from a rope attached to a tree in his front yard a political statement. Others call it hate speech.

“The current administration in Washington is an empty chair,” Jacobsen said. “They just aren’t doing their job for America.”

A few neighbors disagree -- vehemently.

“I think it’s a racially bigoted symbol,” one woman said. “And I think it’s symbolic of hanging our beloved president.”

“It very definitely reflects back on some of our unfortunately history,” another woman said. “It’s obnoxious.”

Jacobsen said those women and many other people who have seen and taken issue with the hanging chair are overreacting, and that he has no plan to take it down.

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