Broncos coach John Fox praises Houston defense, assures ‘sky not falling’

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John Fox talks to reporters after the Broncos' 27-21 loss to Atlanta. Sep. 17, 2012

John Fox talks to reporters after the Broncos' 27-21 loss to Atlanta. Sep. 17, 2012

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox has had a day to think about the loss to the Houston Texans. He met with the media Monday and you can read his comments below.


“It’s an old injury [Tracy Porter] that kind of got re-tweaked. We had not-great execution on the first touchdown and then he stayed out there and he kind of got… He either hit the ground real hard or something hit his knee hard on the second one.”

“It wasn’t like a mystery. [Houston TD passes] They were the same route, two different people. It’s something we’d seen but we just didn’t execute as well as we need to. It was obviously helpful for them to get [14] points on those two plays.”

“The second one was a great throw, just for the record.”

“That guy [Kevin Vickerson] was supposed to have help on the outside and, again, it was one of our mental errors in the game. He wasn’t the lone coverage on him. He almost got it, though.”

“We’ve just got to be a little more consistent the first three quarters so we’re not in that position. I said yesterday probably incorrectly… We started very fast actually. But after the fast start, there was a little lull after the start until the fourth quarter.”

“What’s important is how we handle it inside that [locker] room. We need to stay focused on what we’re doing. We’ve not played consistently enough in two of our three first ballgames. It wasn’t like the schedule snuck up on us, you know what I mean? We knew it was what it was, and it was very tough, and it doesn’t get much easier. As I reminded them, the guys walking around with the rings from last year were 7-7 after 14 games. It’s not where you start; it’s where you finish. We started the season 1-4 a year ago, so there’s no panic, there’s no ‘sky is falling’ [mentality]. It’s pretty simple when you look at tape and you study it. That’s your full-time job, to see where it went wrong, and you’ve just got to correct it.”

“He’s got great awareness in the pocket. He got banged around probably more than I’d like to see. Some of that was [the fact that] that other team practices and gets paid, too. They’re pretty good. They were the No. 1 defense going into that game. We were a little inconsistent in our ability to run the ball, and that put us at third-and-unmanageable distances that are never any fun for any offensive line. There are things we have to work on to stay out of those situations.”

“He [Peyton] played better. Offensively, just statistically speaking—this isn’t dogging Atlanta at all because they’re a very good football team and a very good defense, too—but that was a pretty salty defense we faced yesterday.”

“I think they [Houston] tried [to go downfield] a bunch, I’ll give them that. We just didn’t execute as well as we needed to. It wasn’t like we were in zero coverage. There are different levels of aggressiveness, so it’s definitely not unsound by any stretch. They made a couple great throws, to be quite honest with you.”

“All three of those teams [we faced] have pretty good tight ends. I’d go to them too. It changes every week. It depends on who you are and who they are. I think the whole game is about matchups.”

“You just practice it and get better and work harder in practice. And usually it carries over to the field. We do a lot of ball drills every day. It’s something we’re not putting our head in the sand. It’s just something we have to work better at and get a little more used to each other, exactly where you’re going to be. Any time you get your hands on a ball as a receiver, they call it a drop. Sometimes there’s some high throws or low throws. With timing and with experience, it gets better.”

“I know this: he [Joe Mays] doesn’t do it intentionally to hurt him. That’s not Joe Mays, that’s not what we teach. It’s accidental, playing football. You see it around the league every week.”

“He’s an outstanding player [J.J. Watt]. I think up front they’re as disruptive as most teams. I’m not saying they’re right up there with the Giants quite yet, but they’re moving up. He’s an outstanding player.”

“Again, like the rest of our team, we have room for improvement. He’s [Keith Brooking] new to us, he didn’t have as much time as a lot of players through camp. Same with [S] Jimmy Leonhard, same with [RB] Ronnie Hillman. He was set back a little bit by injuries. Hopefully in time they continue to improve.”


“No real updates on the injury report. [WR Matthew] Willis, hamstring strain, [RB] Willis McGahee, rib cartilage, [SLB] Nate Irving, concussion, [CB] Tracy Porter, knee bruise, [TE] Jacob Tamme, groin strain. No real updates on those. They’ll be day-to-day moving forward.”