Broncos’ John Fox: ‘We just came up a little short’

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John Fox talks to reporters after the Broncos' 27-21 loss to Atlanta. Sep. 17, 2012

John Fox talks to reporters after the Broncos' 27-21 loss to Atlanta. Sep. 17, 2012

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox conducted a conference call on Tuesday. The focus was on Monday night’s game in Atlanta where the Broncos lost 27-21. Denver committed four turnovers in the first quarter and eventually trailed in the game 27-20 in the second half.

Fox’s comments appear below.

“We made some roster changes. We put [G/C] Philip Blake on IR for a thumb injury he had a week ago. He wasn’t active for the game so he didn’t do it in the game. We’re bringing [C] C.J. Davis up to the active roster and we added [G] Adam Grant back on the practice squad.”

“It [four turnovers] definitely put us in a hole, no question. The record’s not real good for minus-4 or worse as far as win percentage. Obviously that’s a little bit to overcome but we were able to make a game of it and just came up a little short and ran out of time.”

“You’d have to ask [QB] Peyton [Manning], but I don’t think he was confused. I think there’s a couple of throws he’d like to have back or maybe to have gone a different direction but when you have that job title as quarterback—it’s not an easy job for sure—but it wasn’t about one guy. We went the wrong way on a run; we made the wrong ‘Mike’ point on another critical short yardage run. We just didn’t execute early as well as we needed to.”

“The other team practices the way they do, so everything’s a factor, and the bottom line is we came up short. To pick up on that point, [look at] turnover ratio.”

“He was padded up; nothing in that area to report. He’s fine.”

“I get upset with officials anytime a call goes against us. That’s not new for me. It’s a competitive game played by competitive people.”

“In this game, you win or lose. You’ve got to try to overcome a lot of different things. Like I said before, we came up a little short [against Atlanta].”

“All games take on their own personality. It didn’t seem to lethargic to me. It didn’t always goes as planned, but it was a high-level game in my opinion.”

“Well, the answer to somebody’s question earlier—it was a loss. That’s never any fun. I think it’s not all negative. Some of the encouraging things are, even in regards to Peyton, he settled in and we scored three times. That says a lot about him and the offense and what they did. I thought we ran the ball more efficiently this week than the week before. I think we played the run defensively better. I think on third downs we improved from a week ago. So there were some things that we did get better as a football team.”

“[I credit] the players and coaches involved. I think guys are buying into what we’re doing and they’re doing it with good technique. We kind of misfit that last one, but other than that, I think we played pretty well versus the run.”

“I think sometimes people on the outside put a little bit more emphasis on sacks than really is needed. I don’t think you grade a defensive lineman just on sacks alone. His play has been fine, and my experience has been those things come in bunches. It’s not anything he’s doing wrong or anything like that. The offense does try to resist that to some degree. We’ve played two games.”

“It’s professional football. In everything, really you’re dealing with one or the other. Our guys will bounce back. There will be some positive things that we can draw from it. We have a new test, a new challenge, this week against the Texans.”

“Again, each one of these has a different personality. We made more errors than I would have liked. That’s something that we’ll get corrected. What we report to the league, our comments on that, is in-house material. I can’t comment and won’t as far as what we did and what we didn’t do, what was right and what was not right. That’s pretty much [our] policy.”