Radio Shack suspect has lengthy arrest record

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DENVER -- One of the suspects accused of shooting at police officers and then holding a Radio Shack employee hostage at E. Colfax Ave. and Glencoe St. Friday has been arrested at least eight times in the last 11 months.

Friends and family outside the scene of the 6-hour long standoff identified him as 19-year-old Taveuan Williams. He was arrested along with a 20-year-old companion when the standoff ended peacefully.

“Please come out Taveuan, don’t do that,” a woman said as she stood outside the store and talked to him on a cell phone.

After a botched robbery at a check cashing store, witnesses say they saw two masked men go into the back of the Radio Shack store next door.

The two suspects posted a picture of themselves inside what appeared to be a stock room of the Radio Shack on Facebook with a message that said they were sorry.

Police believe store employee Christopher Nimerfroh, 28, was held hostage inside that stock room.

“He’s crying most the time,” says Kadesha Samuels. She’s one of many friends Taveuan Williams called during the standoff Friday. “Who knows what he’s going to do and his whole family is out here,” she says. “So if he does do something crazy, everybody is going to see it.”

Samuels says he was worried about suffering the same fate as his brother, Aaron Williams, who was shot and killed by Aurora police during a similar incident in March 2011.

Williams’ family stayed outside and prayed. They’re prayers came true when the hostage crisis ended peacefully. Nimerfroh was released uninjured. Williams and the second suspect were taken away in police custody.