Slideshow: ‘Dog shaming’ puts hilarious canine crimes on blast

Posted on: 12:16 pm, August 23, 2012, by , updated on: 02:57pm, August 23, 2012

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  • We are the reason Mommy & Daddy can't have nice things (

  • Tommy thinks this skill is a gift (

  • Three loves in life... (

  • A cousin of the bust bunny? (

  • This dog said he didn't bite hard -- and the baby had it coming (

  • The junkie dog (

  • Sneak and his accomplice (

  • Silly little baby Shay (

  • Who knew recycling could also be shame-worthy? (

  • Pretty self-explanatory (

  • One of Moose's many offenses, claim his owners (

  • What else would you expect from Panda Boo? (

  • Poor Bogie (

  • Naughty Bleux (

  • Mondo is a classy fellow (

  • I stole a serving spoon and chewed it. I am very ashamed (

  • I pee on other dogs (

  • I love licking the insides of shoes (

  • I like to take used feminine products and hide them under my owner's bed (

  • I bit a vet nurse who sat on my chair (

  • I actually chased the postman down the road I’m a giant cliché (

  • He also ate the mattress behind him (

  • And rightly so, his owners say (

  • 16 pairs of pants are gone, claims this little guy's owner (

If you have a dog, then it’s very likely that you have caught your pooch in some mischievous circumstances from time to time.

Now, the new blog is allowing frustrated owners to put their dog’s devious behavior on blast. The act of “Dog Shaming” amounts to posting pictures of furry friends with signs detailing their crimes.

Is this hilarious or unnecessary? What would your dog’s shaming sign say?

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