Wild video: Race car flies off Pikes Peak road and tumbles down mountainside

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A horrific crash at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Sunday was caught on video. 

The race car flies off the side of the mountain flipping close to a dozen times, but the two people inside escaped with only minor injuries.

Stephen Sullivan was there. “You don’t think a car can flip that many times,” he said. 

He was stunned that anyone could survive. The driver Jeremy Foley and his co-driver, Yuri Kouznetsov,  were airlifted to a local hospital but were released the same day.

They are now back home in Texas.

On Foley’s Facebook page he wrote, “Yuri and I are OK.  A little beaten up but nothing major.” 

The pair slid off the mountain in an area called Devil’s playground. It’s the same spot where another racer flew off last year.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has 156 turns and finishes at the 14,000 foot summit of the mountain.

The safety coordinator says the race has strict safety requirements that include roll cages and neck harnesses. Without them, a crash like that would have definitely turned out much worse.