Young gymnasts inspired by USA women’s gymnastics gold

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DENVER -- Members of the USA’s gold medal winning women's gymnastics team looked up to someone once, someone who inspired them.

Now they are inspiring young gymnasts around the world, and here in Denver.

Eight-year-old Addy Williams is working hard to master gymnastics at the Gymnastics Plus training center. 

Addy says the U.S.A.  women's gymnastics team is her inspiration, “I really l like Gabby Douglas, she's very confident.” Thirteen-year-old Avery Paxton adds, “I was just so amazed they were just so good.”

The young gymnasts say they respect the work that goes into winning a gold medal. 

Paxton explains, “It just makes you want to keep working hard to get to where they are today.”

Gymnastics Plus trainer Kenya Devonne Tyler says, “With hard work and putting the hours in anybody can achieve their goals if it's just being the best they can be or going to that Olympic level.”

Tyler adds that gymnastics can strengthen character and keeps kids fit, “It helps to build strong bodies and minds, it is a sport of physical activity and helps with their coordination.  I think gymnastics is an awesome sport to put kids in.”

Student Kailey Jackson says Gabby Douglas is her favorite and a role model as well.

Kailey joins her fellow gymnasts in emphasizing that it’s important to reach for the stars, no matter how much hard work it takes, “What we're doing now she (Gabby) had to do first to go to the Olympics,  so we can maybe go too.”

Gymnastics Plus begins training at age 18 months in a “Mommy and Me” class and takes students through age 18. For more information you can call (303) 512-0799 or visit the Gymnastics Plus website.