Temple shooting a painful reminder for Aurora victims

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AURORA – The news of another mass shooting is sending shockwaves through the Aurora community just two weeks after a gunman opened fire, killing twelve in a crowded movie theater.

On Sunday, dozens of new visitors showed up outside the makeshift memorial to pay their respects to those lost on July 20 but many were unaware of the crisis developing in Wisconsin.

“We’re going to help them anyway possible," said one member of the Commerce City Sikh community after learning of the Midwest tragedy. Already some are comparing Sunday’s shooting to the July 20th batman massacre.

Mental health experts are concerned that survivors of the Aurora shooting could find themselves reliving the tragedy as more video develops from Sunday’s shooting inside a temple near Milwaukee.

“Just take time to notice how good it feels to be alive, to be well, healthy, to be safe right now," said Brenda Smith, a trauma counselor in Aurora. Survivors of the movie theater shooting have already created a Facebook page to help survivors of the Wisconsin tragedy.

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