Hay prices skyrocket during drought

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- The hay shortage is so bad in Colorado prices are about $20 a bale, leaving many with horses and other barnyard animals struggling to feed them.

“People who know my Creative Acres Rescue Ranch have been calling me to take their livestock,” said Maxine Mager. “But because I don’t have enough feed to take care of the animals I already have… I am having to tell them I can’t take in their animals.”

Mager says ranchers in New Mexico are letting animals go because they can’t feed them, and because they are grazing on Federal Land she says the government is threatening to shoot them.

In Colorado, at many feed stores on the eastern plains, like Agfinity in Brighton, they are only letting ranchers buy five bales of hay.

“We can only get so much hay ourselves,” said Desmond Prince. “Since last year, many ranchers from Texas have been coming to Colorado to buy our hay, so between the drought and out-of-staters we are short.”

On Maxine’s Creative Acres Farm, her animals have a few weeks of hay left in the barn, but she says without donations to buy enough hay to get her through the winter, she doesn’t know what will come of the critters in her care.

“My best guess is I’ll need about 20-grand to get enough hay to make it through until spring,” said Mager. If you would like to help you can contact

Maxine Mager
c/o Creative Acres
PO Box 1143
Brighton, CO 80501