Karl Rove ad bashes Obama over jobs report


DENVER — Karl Rove’s Super PAC “Crossroads USA” has launched a $25 million ad buy on a spot trying to pin Friday’s weak jobs report on President Obama.

The ad, titled “Excuses”, will air in Colorado, where Crossroads has reserved $1.8 million in TV time, as well as in eight other key swing states: Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.

“America’s jobless rate is still too high,” the narrator says in the spot. “Barack Obama’s got lots of excuses for the bad economy … but Obama never blames Washington’s wild spending and skyrocketing debt.”

The economy added a fewer-than-expected 80,000 jobs in June and the country’s unemployment rate remained unchanged last month at 8.2 percent, the Labor Department announced on Friday.

“It’s still tough out there,” Obama said from the campaign trail in Ohio. “It’s a step in the right direction, but we can’t be satisfied.

“We’ve got to grow the economy faster and put more people back to work.”

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took a break from his vacation to issue his own statement on the jobs report, which he twice called a “kick in the gut.”

Nationally, Obama still holds a narrow lead over Romney, according to the latest Gallup survey released this week.

But, anemic jobs growth is likely to be a major factor for undecided voters in November, which should play to Romney’s advantage.

“Once you’ve been president for three and a half years, no matter what the situation is you inherited, the public starts to think it’s now your economy, your administration, your situation and your responsibility,” political analyst Eric Sondermann told FOX31 Denver.

Romney is likely to campaign in Colorado next week. After a fundraiser in Aspen Monday, Romney could hold campaign events Tuesday and Wednesday in Mesa County and Colorado Springs, respectively; but details on those events have not been finalized or released.