VIDEO: Witnessing the start of the Waldo Canyon Fire


A video posted on YouTube purportedly shows the early stages of the Waldo Canyon Fire as it grew from just an acre or two, to hundreds of acres in a short period of time.

The video was uploaded by Carmichael Training Systems, a Colorado Springs-based endurance coaching company.

“Carmichael Training Systems Coaches and Athletes were riding mountain bikes up Rampart Range Road outside of Colorado Springs on Saturday, June 23 as part of a routine ride,” the company said on YouTube. “On the way up in the morning, there was no smoke or fire as they passed The Overlook. On the way back down, they spotted smoke below them to the south. Fire fighters were already on Rampart Range Road when the still images of the fire were taken. Firefighters advised the group to get down off Rampart Range Road as fast as possible, which they did.”

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