Viral Video: Is Romney really amazed by Wawa?

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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

A chain of Mid-Atlantic convenience stores is responsible for the latest gaffe in the presidential race. Or is it?

As displayed in the video above, MSNBC played an edited portion of Mitt Romney’s speech in Cornwall, PA Monday, portraying the Republican Presidential Candidate’s amazement with the computerized sandwich ordering system at Wawa. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell even called it a “supermarket scanner moment,” making reference to an infamous incident in which George H.W. Bush became bewildered by a rather old piece of grocery store technology

But not so fast, Republican pundits are saying. As it turns out, there was a candid camera at the Romney’s Cornwall speech that caught the Wawa comments in their entirety. You can find that video below and decide for yourself whether or not MSNBC was on the Democratic war path Monday.

Mobile users, click here to watch the MSNBC clip, and click here to watch the entire Cornwall speech.