Middle-aged women urged to avoid soft drinks

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DENVER -- Heading into your 40's can be an exciting time for a woman, but it comes with a little more responsibility when it comes to maintaining your health. Doctors say it's time to add one key ingredient to your diet, and ditch another.

“As women age and menopause comes on and hormones go away…bones lose calcium,” says Dr. Martha Illige of Rose Family Medicine.

You can find calcium in green vegetables, like broccoli, and dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. But Dr. Illige warns that you should leave the soft drinks alone.

The problem is phosphates. Dr. Illige says most soft drinks can actually leech calcium from your body.

“Calcium and phosphate are kind of in a balance, and if you elevate phosphate you lower calcium, and if you lower phosphate you elevate calcium,” she says. “So my first piece of advice would be please, let`s just not drink soda pop.”

Calcium supplements can keep your system in balance. Dr Illige recommends 15-hundred milligrams combined with a thousand units of vitamin D each day. Vitamin D enables your body to hang on to your calcium. Without it, the nutrient just goes through your system.

You should always check with your personal physician first before beginning any supplement regimen.

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