What you should buy in May

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The start of a new month means an opportunity to save on certain items. May represents one of the best times to stock up on summertime staples and refresh everyday essentials. Kendal Perez with FreeShipping.org is here to show us what we can save on this month.

1. Mattresses and Box Springs - New models of mattresses are released over the summer, making spring a great time to buy last year’s model for less. There’s a great video tutorial on Consumer Reports offering insight and tips to consumers looking for a new mattress.

2. Cookware - Cookware represents a practical and popular gift for couples and college grads, making early summer the best time to stock up on essentials. Look for coupons to Kohl's, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and more on FreeShipping.org to score extra savings.

3. Refrigerators - In addition to appliance sales during Memorial Day at the end of the month, May represents a great time to buy a refrigerator. New models are released over the summer and retailers are eager to clear their sales floor of last year’s models to make room.

4. Party Supplies - Disposable items like plates, cups and utensils are at their best prices in May, though you can always find a good deal on these items at your local dollar store.

5. Kitchen Accessories - Graduations and weddings drive deals on kitchen accessories this month because they make such practical gifts. Amazon offers great prices on these items, but
warehouse stores also offer competitive prices on everything from mixers to microwaves.

6. Picnic and BBQ Supplies - To entice shoppers away from their competitors, both merchants and manufacturers offer great deals on such BBQ necessities as condiments and grilling tools. BBQ grills are best purchased in the fall and winter when the grilling season ends.