6 things your wedding can do without

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Kendal Perez from HassleFreeSavings.com tells us more.

According to the annual survey conducted by TheKnot.com, the average wedding in 2012 will cost over $27,000 -- and that doesn’t include the honeymoon! If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly approach for your big day, there are some things you wedding can do without to save on costs. Kendal Perez with HassleFreeSavings.com is here to share with us easy ways to trim your wedding budget.


1. Save-the-Dates - Average cost: $134 (based on $0.95 per card average multiplied by average of 141 guests)

Skip the printed post cards announcing your wedding date and use e-vites, Facebook and email to spread the word without paying a dime.

2. Matchy-matchy Dresses - Average cost: $134.

Avoid the challenge and expense of finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for every shape by letting your bridal party select their own dress in your preferred color palette.

3. Formal Wedding Registry - 93% of couples register for wedding gifts

Modern couples have all the kitchen gadgets they need, so registering for unwanted items is a waste of time and money. Instead, create a wedding registry with CardAvenue.com and select gift cards toward larger purchases -- like furniture, landscaping and home improvement.

4. Dinner - Average Cost: $8,460 (based on $60 per plate average multiplied by average of 141 guests)

Multi-course meals are one of the most expensive elements of a wedding, so skip the formal dinner and do something fun and themed instead. Try a self-serve brunch for an 11 a.m. wedding, or a dessert buffet for a 2 p.m. one.

5. Favors - Average Cost: $231

Monogrammed matchbooks are fun to look at but ultimately a waste of money. Instead, include your favorite wedding photo when you send thank-you cards.

6. A "Wedding" Cake - Average cost: $591

When ordering your cake, don’t mention it’s for a wedding. Instead, request a multi-tiered birthday cake for instant savings. The mention of “wedding” doubles the price since traditional wedding cakes have an additional layer of cake and filling.