Some Broncos fans torn over the new quarterback situation

DENVER -- Maybe the proof is in the numbers. Signs in front of Tim Tebow jerseys at the Sports Fan on N. Federal Blvd. now read "50% off."

With Peyton Manning's arrival and Tim Tebow's now-possible departure, not all Broncos fans are giddy.

A look at Facebook will tell you not everyone is ready to throw an orange-and-blue party.  One person even posted a sign of Peyton Manning with a red line drawn over him.

"I hope Tebow sticks around," says one fan at Lodo's Bar and Grill, while watching Peyton Manning's press conference. Fan Joe Flores says, "With his religion and all he's doin' for the little kids.  He's a great guy."

Harvey Milkman has been watching the Broncos quarterback situation closely. Milkman is a psychology professor at Metro State. "You're really tying into some of the most basic passions of human existence: I mean faith. Tebow energized that. He tied football to faith and that's sort of a unique combination that's never been seen before," he says.



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