Spring arrives tonight with snow in forecast

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Clouds over the Front Range mountains head toward Denver March 19, 2012

Clouds over the Front Range mountains head toward Denver March 19, 2012

DENVER — There’s snow in the forecast for parts of the northern Front Range Monday night. But if we even see any snow in metro Denver, it’ll be the first time since March 8th, and that was only a trace.

Denver weather has been unusually dry this March. Typically we would see at least a half a foot of snowfall by now, and unfortunately all the long range weather forecasting charts come up with very little rain for the next couple of days.

Our only hope of beneficial, measurable rain comes on Thursday, as a low pressure weather system hovers over the central plains states.

this storm will most likely bring severe weather to central Oklahoma, but not much moisture is expected to drift westward into Colorado.

Most of the weather patterns over the central U.S. have been strangely summer-like.

Spring weather has come early to the central and eastern U.S. this year with over 1,000 record high temperatures set since the beginning of March.

But March weather is wily and can change on a dime. If Monday night’s snow showers do occur as expected, we’ll be feeling a taste of winter weather when spring officially begins at 11:14 p.m.