Son: RTD bus accident victim robbed as he was dying

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DENVER – “Anyone that knew my dad or went to school with my dad knew his wallet, his keys, his glasses, his cigarettes and his phone always go in this pocket,” Mario Castro Jr. said Tuesday as he dug through the suitcase his father was carrying when he was run over by an RTD bus on February 7th.

Mario Castro Sr. was stepping off the bus at Colfax and Mariposa when, according to his son, his suitcase became stuck in the door. He slipped on a patch of ice, fell underneath the bus, and was crushed by the rear tires.

Rather than first offering aid, however, Castro says someone stole his father’s wallet and laptop computer from his suitcase.

“If they would have just waited a couple of seconds…it’s not too much to ask. A couple of seconds just for him to get on the sidewalk you know?” he told us.  “It’s not right to just take somebody’s stuff like that when they are lying there ready to die.”

Casto passed away at a hospital a short time later.

In his wallet were family photos, I.D’s and memories of his father that Mario Jr. wants returned.

“I just remember when I was a little kid (the wallet) had a rubber band around it. It was so ugly but it was my dad you know?” Castro says. “I just want it.”

The bus driver, Tadese Asefaw, 35, is charged with careless driving resulting in death.